Latest News – January 2015

We are sorry to report that this organisation is closing down due to lack of members. It is a sad fact of life that people passes away, and like many other groups, have difficulties in attracting new younger members to join. We have achieved many goals to improve the awareness of Visual Impairment issues in Great Yarmouth and beyond in Norfolk as well, and perhaps that is another reason for our lack of membership numbers because the world is a better place now for everyone suffering blindness and vision losses, so perhaps the younger generation have no need of our type of group anymore.

This web site won’t be updated anymore and eventually will be closed down.


Welcome to the world of Visual Impairment! This site is for sharing information, stories and concerns for all Blind and Partially Sighted people living here in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (United Kingdom). We encourage everyone to add their views and thoughts whether you are visually impaired yourself or a friend or family or you are a professional working with Visually Impaired People (VIP). Indeed these pages would be a valuable source of information for anyone who wishes to appreciate what a blind and partially sighted person has to cope with on a daily basis and by learning some of these difficulties then can perhaps provide better support, better understanding and most of all more respects.

Talking Money

The latest news on Banks providing talking assistance on their cash machine, is that Barclays has announced that 75% of all of their ATMs now talks to you!
See Make Money Talk campaign for more details, including actual audio recordings of the voice and set of instructions in where and how to use the headphone feature.

Latest Campaign

Parking on Pavements! We would like to have a clear path when we go out but hit trouble with cars parking on our public pavements! So we are campaigning to raise awareness of this inconsiderate action. More…

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