Issue 12 of The NEWS — September 2010

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Issue 12 the NEWS September 2010

Meet our New MP

World Sight Day

Welcome to the September issue of our News. We hope that you enjoy reading and gain some information to help you. If you have any thing that you would like us to include in future News please call us or email. Our contact details are at the end of this Newsletter. We are all happy to help.

Our meetings take place in the community room at Wherry Way

Which is just off Caister Road when heading towards Caister from Great Yarmouth just past opposite the bus station.

The next meeting is on Monday 27 September at the normal time of 2.30 until 4.30.

Please come a little earlier and we will offer you a hot drink, donations to the group are welcome although not compulsory.

Brandon Lewis Great Yarmouth’s new MP is will be our guest speaker at the Meeting.

We will be asking questions about the implementation of higher rate DLA for severely blind people. We will need to know when the doctors will be getting the paper work for this.

We are sure that you will have many questions for Brandon on both local and national issues.

Claire Kay who is our areas representative from the RNIB is also attending this meeting. We look forward to meeting both Brandon and Claire.

If you need transport please call Town and Country on 01493 301759 and the VIP user Group will pay, please give at least three days notice.

At our meeting we will have updates from the Bank Survey, Bus Company and the Yarmouth Way Crossing and much more

Saturday 9 October

World Sight Day

The Great Yarmouth Lions Club will be joining in this nationwide event by leading a 300-metre blindfolded walk in St Georges Park at noon -The walk will be attended by local dignitaries and civic leaders, including Mayor Councillor Michael Jeal and Brandon Lewis MP and John Childs from the NNAB will attend. The HAPPI Group will be lending their support. Some of us from the VIP User Group will be there, all are welcome.

GY Lions Spectacle Collection Points are: Hayden’s – Kings Street, Palmers, Crown Spectacle Centre – Regent Street Asda Morse – Tan Lane Caister and QD at Gorleston.


9 October 2010

If anybody would like to represent our Group at this event they more than welcome to.

The last issue is driven by a new government agenda of cuts which will have a negative impact on disabled people. In addition the election of the trustees will take place and we are anticipating a few new younger faces to be elected.

They have put together an afternoon programme that is hopefully appealing to all which include presentations on the new Single Equality Act and Hate Crime. Both are current topics that will stir up some debate.

Unfortunately this date clashes with World Sight Day. However if you wish to attend please let me (David) know. Free transport is available from your home.

Great Yarmouth Borough Disability Forum’s AGM is on 5 Tuesday 5 October at 2pm at Cobholm and Lichfield (hrc) for more details please contact David.

Group Contact Details

Chairman David Wilkinson

01493 842156


Shaun McGarry, Vice chairman

01493 602272

Secretary Penny Cox

01493 721167

Just a reminder that the NNAB office is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 10am and 1pm


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