Coping with Windows 7 and Outlook 2010

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I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and the full Office 2010. I have been using XP and Office 2000 before so it is a big, big jump for me!! Phew!

The biggest different is in two areas :

Too many buttons, links and other fields

What a different the old humble Windows Explorer is now! There are so many things you have to tab pass I order to jump from one part to another. For example selecting a different folder to save your work in is now about 3 or 4 shift tab keystrokes to get to the folder tree view and once you have got there.. .. Do Not Forget To Press the enter key to positively open that folder! When you tab out of the file list view you get to the “headings” of the columns and here you can change the sort order or the positional order of the columns themselves but my point is that this is such a low level of change that it is getting annoying to keep having to tab pass it all the time!


Cor Blimey Mate! Ribbons are just awful!! There is no logical structure to the way you get from one item to another one! It is like Demolition Derby, you are crashing into one group after another and suddenly you entered a text box like a font name! Phew! I am glad to hear that JAWS 12 is going to provide Virtual Ribbons based on the clean and well defined structure of a menu.


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  1. Shaun McGarry, Vice Chairman
    20th September 2011 9:26 pm

    oh dear!

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