Issue 13 of Special Edition — November 2010

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Hello and welcome. This News has been bought out earlier than normal. We have some very important information for you. This will help you get involved in voicing your views on the cuts that Norfolk County Council are proposing to implement. There will be special meetings here in Great Yarmouth that you can attend. The meetings are at Cobholm & Lichfield HR Centre, Pasteur Road on Monday 22 November 2010

Afternoon event: 3pm to 5pm

Evening event: 6pm to 8pm

If you wish to attend and need transport, call Town & Country on 01493 301 759. There will be no charge to you or to our Group, NCC will pay. Please state which session you wish to attend, you will be taken door to door to the meeting and back home afterwards.

The consultation documents are published on the Council’s website , along with information about the different ways that residents and community groups can get involved. Alternatively, you can contact the Council by telephone: 0344 800 8020, or

email: for a printed copy of the consultation document. You can ask for this document in alternative formats.

Our Sensory Support Unit in the Norfolk County Council is one of the departments threatened with closure in order to save money! The plan is that it will only do registration work. NO more rehabilitations, NO more support and NO more equipment.

Visit our web site for more details at and click on the Sensory Support campaign link.

There are many more services under threat such as Meals on wheels, Library service, some bus services, some care services from social service, Rubbish collection and many more. I am sure! In fact there are 154 documents about in the Big Conversation consultation.

We have enclosed an addressed envelope with this Newsletter, so you can write your thoughts.

Our next meeting is on 29 November at Wherry Way 2:30pm as normal. We will be talking about the budget cuts of course. Our guest speakers will be Jason from the NHS talking about the Summary Care Record system, where some of your information about your health can be put on a National NHS database.

Also Matron Sarah Morris will be giving us an update following her visit to us last year.

We have also invited Sensory Support to join us and bring the latest news.

Please call Town & Country Taxis for Free transport to the meeting on 01493 301 759.

For those of you who have not sent a cheque and filled in your selection for your Christmas Lunch, this will be your last opportunity as Penny needs to inform the Furzedown Hotel shortly after our meeting. Please remember to bring a wrapped up raffle prize for our Christmas Lunch.

Our meeting in September was very interesting as you will see by the Minutes. It was good to meet our new MP Brandon Lewis.

We look forward to seeing you on 22nd November, 29th November and including on the 13th December at our Christmas Lunch!

Please contact any of us for further information or advice:

David Wilkinson 01493 842 156

Shaun McGarry 01493 60 22 72

Penny Cox 01493 72 11 67


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