Issue 15 of The NEWS — March 2011

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Issue 15 The News March 2011

Next Meeting Monday 28 March 2011

At Wherry Way Community Room, Wherry Way

Great Yarmouth NR30 4 DJ

2pm to 4:30pm.

free transport from home and return Call 01493 301 759

Digital Switchover Talk from RNIB

update from Matron Sarah Morris of the JPH

Welcome to our Newsletter for March and April.

We have information on CD, large print and Braille of the NHS Summary Care Records.

You remember that Jason did a very interesting presentation at our last meeting. I will bring copies along to our next meeting. Call if you cannot attend and I will get a copy to you.

We look forward to our next meeting. The gentleman from RNIB will hopefully bring some equipment along to help us understand the Digital Switchover that will take place later this year.

We look forward to meeting Matron Sarah Morris from the eye ward at JPH who will be revisiting us and will have the opportunity to update us from our last meeting with her.

Some of us attended a meeting at Christchurch in February to take part in the DLA reform Consultation that the Disability Forum hosted.

There were seventy plus people there and we had a presentation from Julie from Independent Living Norfolk and Paul from the Department of Works and Pensions. We split into small working groups and answered questions from the document, These answers and comments have been sent to the DWP as part of the consultation.

If anybody would like a copy please contact me.

Shortly after that meeting we met our MP for Great Yarmouth Brandon Lewis to raise concerns with him. We also had a discussion with him about the dangerous crossing on sight at Kings Street so he could see for himself.

If need help filling in your Census forms there will be an official from UK Census at the Priory Centre on Monday 28 March between 10.00 and 2.00 to assist you.

I am sure our good people at NNAB will also be able to help if needed.

DIAL continues to offer a Money and Debt service for anyone experiencing financial difficulties and can make an appointment to see Stephen by contacting the office.

DIAL has recently commenced the delivery of Disability Awareness Workshops and anyone wishing to receive further details can contact Jo Howes on 01493 856 900.

Mark Smith from NNAB is arranging a guided tour of Great Yarmouth Potteries. This visit is on 14 April. The visit includes a lunch of fish and chips if you like. For details please contact Mark or Simon

01603 629 558

From RNIB is a TV Freeview set top box announces all on-screen information, including programmed guides and menus, using synthetic speech. Designed and developed in conjunction with RNIB to provide complete access to the world of Digital Broadcast for all VIPs.

Looking forward to seeing you on 28 April, Best wishes David

Contact Details

Chairman David Wilkinson

Home 01493 842156

Mobile 0799099884

Vice Chair Shaun McGarry

01493 602272

Secretary Penny Cox

01493 72 11 67


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