Issue 16 of The NEWS — May 2011

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Issue 16 THE NEWS May 2011

Next Meeting 23 May 2011

At Wherry Way Communal Room, Wherry Way

Great Yarmouth NR30 4 DJ

2pm to 4:30pm

For free transport from home and return

Call 01493 301 759

Update from Matron Sarah Morris of the JPH

Experience a New Electric Hybrid Car

Dear Friends welcome to our Newsletter. We hope that you have been enjoying the good weather and all the bank holidays.

Due to unforeseen circumstances our AGM will be postponed. It will now take place on Monday 25th July.

Matron Sarah Maurice will be our speaker at our meeting. Sarah has apologised for her absence at our last meeting. This was due to an oversight in her diary. Sarah promises to be with us this time. I am sure there will be lots of questions that we would like to ask.

Chris Stanley from the Lions club will be coming along to show us his new Hybrid Car.

We will be invited to go outside and see what we can hear of it, if anything! Chris is happy to take our comments back to the manufacturer of the car.

Our guest speaker back in March was Peter from RNIB speaking about the Digital change over.

Details are in the Meeting minutes.

You should be contacted automatically.

Help scheme for Digital TV

Telephone 0800 408 5900


The NHS Fresh food lorry should be outside our meeting room when you arrive. If you wish you may purchase from it like several of you did last time.

The lorry is on Mondays at Great Yarmouth Library 12.00- 12.30. Empress Road Cobholm 1.00-1.05 Nelson Road Central/South 1.30-1.45 Midland Close 1.50-2.05

Lawn Avenue 2.10-2.40

Tuesdays the food lorry is at Electra House,

Southtown Road 12.30-1.00 Ecclestone Bunnywell Close Gorleston 1.30-2.40 Hammon Middle School 2.45-3.15

Wednesday the food lorry is at

Greanacre School 8.30-9.15 Isabella Square 9.30-9.50 Hawkings Close 9.55-10.55

John Grant School 11.30-12.15

Kingfisher Close 12.40- 1.30

The decision has been made to organise The Great Yarmouth Older People’s Olympics 2012 based on many of the activities contained within the

Ageless Opportunity directory plus any others that may be of interest to older people, that is anybody over 50. Details will be available shortly.

The sports could include, short mat bowls, green bowls, ten pin bowling and many more activities.

The RNIB are taking part in a demonstration in London on 11 May. This is to vent disabled peoples feeling against the changes to DLA and other benefits. Linda and Penny will be representing our group and lobbying our MP.

We look forward to hearing all about the day at our meeting.

I hope that you are all receiving your copy of Magpie News and that you keep up to date with all the activities that you could get involved in.

The craft classes and coffee mornings are very popular here in Yarmouth at NNAB

Chairman David

Home 01493 842156

Mobile 07990998845

Vice Chair Shaun

01493 60 22 72

Secretary Penny Cox

01493 72 11 67

Looking forward to seeing you on 23 May, best wishes David


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