Issue 18 — The NEWS — September 2011

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Issue 18 THE NEWS September 2011

Hello Friends we look forward to our next meeting. Matron Sarah Morris will return to update us and answer the questions we had remaining from her last visit.

Lizzie McDermott – Food Programmes Coordinator will do a short presentation. This will be telling us about courses available for people wishing to learn about cooking good quality meals at a low cost.

Joleen will be along from the ?Sow A Seed? project, she will bring some seeds, soil and plant pots with her and if you wish you will be able to take home and grow yourself!

Penny has provisionally booked the Furzedown for our Christmas Lunch this year. We will be sending the menu soon.

Financial News

You will have noticed from the Minutes of the AGM. We need more funding and in the past have been fortunate to have funding for our transport.

We took a vote and was unanimously agreed that the contribution towards refreshments and the Group will be now £2.

I have phoned several people that come in by taxi and they have agreed in principle to paying toward the fare. Some said they may make their own way. If you put away £1 each week you would be able to contribute the monies towards taxis. This will be on the Agenda.

News Updates

We have received a confirmation letter from Norfolk County Council that the hazard markings on all scaffolding poles are, from April 2011, now required to use the higher contrast Yellow & Black stripes.

There are two exhibitions at our NNAB Great Yarmouth .. ..

Sept 29th 10am to 3pm

Humanware is Showing a range of low vision products and the Trekker Breeze GPS.

October 13th 10am to 1pm

Associated Optical showing magnifiers and low vision aids. Over 200 in the range plus Scibolux 2.8 magnifer with light suitable for crosswords and sewing etc.

The Lions club are hosting another blindfold walk in Saint Georges Park this year. World Sight Day is Saturday 15 October. There will be information about local groups including ourselves available at the event from 11 O?clock. The walk for sighted people wearing a blindfold and being guided will begin at 12 noon.

A tree will be planted at 12:15, the same time all over the world where the Lions helps people with sight loss, trees will be planted.

Digital TV

Don?t forget that the Analogue TV signal will be switched off very soon (only month and a half to go) in November. The Digital TV will bring lots of extra channels including many radio stations through your TV. If you haven?t switched over yet then telephone 0800 408 5900 or visit Website You very well may be entitled to a free upgrade of your aerial and a new set top box. Members reports that they are quite happy – the channel name is spoken out loud when switching between channels, and remote control is nice.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

David Wilkinson (chairman) 01493 842156

Shaun McGarry (Vice Chair) 01493602272

Penny Cox (secretary) 01493721167


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