Issue 19 – Special NEWS – October 2011 – World Sight Day

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Issue 19 Special Edition October 2011

World Sight Day !
by the British Lions

A Demonstration of living Everyday as Blind or Partially Sighted!
Raising Awareness of Visual Impairment and its difficulties!

This newsletter is a special edition to celebrate the very special and important event being organised by the British Lions all over the world. It is called the World Sight Day and in Great Yarmouth it is being held on Saturday 15th October 2011 in St. George Park from 11am.

The Great Yarmouth VIP User Group have come along to show and advise the public, to provide a better understanding for Visual Impairments and what impact it has on our daily lives!

Our group has been going for over twelve years now, campaigning and raising awareness of the difficulties faced by our blind and partially sighted members in this district of Great Yarmouth! The Group holds regular meetings, to discuss the latest concern and invite a guest speaker to give us their knowledge but also to learn from us any facts and useful information. It is all down to increasing understanding and respect for our Visual Impairment.

Our Members

We bring together people from all walks of life, of all ages, who have some visual defect of any level, to our meetings, take part in campaigns, offer advice and information and take part in telephone surveys. We are building a community of VIPs with their families and carers, so we can share our support, understanding and relief of the difficulties of being Blind or Partially Sighted.

Our achievements

We communicate with the local authorities and businesses to guide them in ways that will make it easier for any VIP to appreciate the services better without troublesome misunderstandings or barriers to our basic needs.

Our latest success is the adaptation of yellow and black hazard markings on all scaffolding poles to provide a much better contrast so it is safer for partially sighted people to see the scaffolds around buildings.

Our Campaigns

We are starting a campaign to raise the awareness of cars and other vehicles parking on our public footpaths and pavement, without due care or attention for people who rely on these vital and safe means of walking to destinations like the shops, bus stops etc.

We are also pushing the government to bring back our Bus Pass concession so we can travel before the 9:30am cut off point. The Government has hit Norfolk very hard in cutting grants, just because of a formula which discriminates against us!

Next Meeting

On Monday 28th November 2011, from 2pm, is our next meeting. We will hopefully have a senior engineer from the County’s highway department to come and talk about their future plans and listen to us, take away advice on best practices in catering for VIPs.

The meeting venue is
Wherry Way Communal Room
Wherry Way, Caister Road
Great Yarmouth
NR30 4DG

We provide a subsidised taxi service to help our members come safely. It costs £4.

Contact Us

David Wilkinson (chairman) 01493 842156
Shaun McGarry (Vice Chair) 01493602272
Penny Cox (secretary) 01493 xxxxxx


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