Issue 20 – The NEWS – November 2011

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Issue 20 The NEWS November 2011

Next Meeting Monday 28 November at Wherry Way Community Room

Caister Road, at 2.30. Book your Taxi on 01493 301 759

Dear Friends welcome to your Newsletter. Thank you for taking part in our telephone survey. It was good to talk with you. Please let us know if we have missed you out.

We have invited Carl Dawdry.

He is the Highways Engineer for Great Yarmouth. We have already sent him some of your requests and queries, so he will be able to respond at the meeting.

We did have one success where a situation with a pavement was dealt with very fast. I will update at our meeting.

If you have any more problems about roads and pavements please come along to the meeting where you can discuss them directly with Mr. Dawdry.

We would like ideas from you on the subjects for our next telephone survey.

We would also like suggestions for future meetings.

At our last meeting we agreed that people who come by Taxi should pay £4.00 each for return journey and all members pay £2.00 donation towards costs. Thank you for your support this should help keep the group continue in the future, thank you.

The new non emergency number for the Police is 101. No code needed.

If you have any problems on Police matters let Wendy know at NNAB and she will get in contact with the local Special Constable who will be able to pass the details on to help you.

On Tuesday 13 December we will be having our Christmas lunchtime buffet at the NNAB Great Yarmouth. Wendy has kindly got permission to have it at NNAB.

If you wish to attend please contact Wendy. There will be a charge of approximately £8.00. Please pay Wendy directly. We will be having a raffle on the day. Could you bring your wrapped raffle prizes into Wendy at the office or on the day. We will need to know the numbers shortly as there is limited space. Although the food will be buffet Wendy has asked for sighted volunteers to help us.

Penny is not so well at the moment and our thoughts are with her and her family. We all wish you will be feeling better soon Penny.

The Disability Forum is hosting an Equality and Diversity Policy consultation at 2.30pm to 4pm at Christchurch Methodist Church, King Street, Great Yarmouth NR30 2HL on 1st December 2011. If you would like to come along and take part please call me (David) on 07990998845 to book your free transport there and back home.

This is a mobile number so if you wish, I will call you back.

This is a good opportunity for you to have your say. If you would like a large copy of the consultation please contact me. You can go online diversity/equality-consultation.htm

Good News the plans for car parking near the Gorleston boating pond have been halted as a result of people demonstrating against the project. That is very good news for us as that is where we do our health walk with Rebecca.

We were successful in our funding bid with the NCODP many thanks to Penny Parker for your help. Thank you to Nelly from the Voluntary Sector partnership for helping us with the paperwork.

Reminder, that Wendy has raffle tickets for sale for the NNAB Christmas Raffle. She will bring them along to our meeting on 28 November.

We hope that you have found this Newsletter interesting and we look forward to seeing you or speaking to you soon. Thank you, David.

David Wilkinson (Chairman)


Shaun McGarry, Vice Chairman

01493 602272

Wendy at NNNAB 01493 745973


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