WalkSafe – SmartPhone app to detect approaching cars

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Dear Members,

Here is an interesting piece of technology developed for the Android SmartPhones!

It is an App that can detect an approaching car, using the built-in camera, up to 50m away and travelling 30mph or higher, and warns you with an audible sound and vibrate the phone.

See the following link on the MIT Technology Review site for more information and watch a video.

http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/editors/27363/?nlid=nldly http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/editors/27363/?nlid=nldly&nld=2011-11-28 &nld=2011-11-28

this App is not geared or specially designed for blind people, but for those who wonder around while using their phone without looking where they are going!!

But there is a major potential possibility that such an App could be modified to help blind people cross over busy roads safely, by scanning the road in each direction and letting you know when to cross!

This story above, shows the future possibilities as the ever increasing speed and power of these SmartPhones will bring closer and closer, a bigger range of Apps to help the Blind and Partially Sighted people to live a much more independent life!

For example, paper money recogniser, colour describing, GPS SatNav, Magnifier etc.

Shaun McGarry, Vice Chairman

Great Yarmouth VIP User Group

01493 60 22 72 * 07 985 916 244


http://www.gyvipusergroup.org.uk www.gyvipusergroup.org.uk

*** Achieving better understanding and Respect for Visually Impaired People ***


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