Issue 21 – The News – January 2012

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Issue 21 The NEWS January 2012

Next Meeting Monday 30 January 2012 at Wherry Way Community Room

Caister Road, at 2.30. Book your Taxi on 01493 301 759

Dear all.

Welcome to our first Newsletter of 2012.

Most of you will have heard that our good friend Penny Cox has sadly passed away. Our thoughts are with Les and family at this time.

Penny was our secretary for many years and worked hard lobbying for improvements to make life fairer for visually impaired people.

One of the campaigns was to get black and yellow tape on all scaffolding which took five years to achieve. She and Linda took part in a march on parliament to protest at the proposed cuts in benefits and Penny also took part in a demonstration in Norwich recently.

She will be sadly missed by us all.

More sad news Terry Driver has died following a long illness. Terry supported our group for many years.

We extend our sympathy to Muriel and family.

Equality and Diversity Project

Our Guest speaker for our Meeting on 30 January is Tracey Jones, who is a Partnerships Officer in the Corporate Strategy for Communities at Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

The Borough Council have a new Equality and Diversity policy to implement in April. This will be a good opportunity to enable Tracey to take back to council any issues we have with accessing their services. This will include us needing written documents from them like rate bills in the format so we can read them independently.

We can also speak about access to Borough Council buildings and services like Rubbish Collections.

Our first telephone survey was a great success. For those who were unable to get to the meeting we put forward your queries to Mr Dawdrey. You will see from the minutes of the meeting about the lack of finance for pedestrian crossings that we say are needed.

More Telephone Surveys will definably follow!

The latest county news is that the Blue Badges will change in the way of getting them. There are more medical checks involved and the cost goes up to £10 each time but they still last for three years. And Bus Passes now can only be issued from Norwich or on the web. We are talking with the Council to find out what provision they plan for us and other people who cannot use the internet or travel to Norwich.

Our Christmas Lunch at NNAB was a great success and many thanks to Wendy, Dave and Liz for all your help. Everybody enjoyed themselves particularly the unique raffle!

Continuing with the NNAB, they are planning to run a brand new Photography group in Norwich and they say ?Overcome your sight difficulties and enjoy photography amongst friends who understand the problems. We will be using projectors and a big screen and can offer advice and friendly support.?

Meetings are planned for the 1st Friday each month. The first will be on Friday 2nd March from 2pm to 3:30pm. Please contact Mark or Simon on 01603 629 558 if you are at all interested.

Finally we would appreciate your ideas for future meetings, whether it is more guest speakers from business or leisure, that might have an impact on our lives, in order to advise them on best practice, understanding and gain more respect for all VIPs.

Contact Details

David (chairman)

01493 842156 07990998845

Shaun (vice chair)

01493 602272 07985916244

Wendy (treasurer)

01493 745973 (NNAB GY Office)


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