April 2012 – New 24 hour Passes for all VIPs has been issued!

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From April 2012, the Norfolk County Council has allowed all Blind and Partially Sighted users of buses to travel at any time anywhere in Norfolk for free.

All users who already have a bus pass will have a replacement bus pass issued during March but sometimes this doesn’t quite work out.

Members are reporting that they are being issued with new cards with the clock symbol on them.

if you have not received your new bus pass or would like to apply for one then there are three methods to get in contact with the right department within the council ..

Telephone :
0344 800 80 20

Email :

Web :

All VIPs (and all disabled persons) can take along a companion to assist them on their journey and the companion will NOT be charged a fare either. The bus pass would show a C+ symbol to allow you this free service.


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  1. Shaun McGarry, Vice Chairman
    19th April 2012 8:31 pm

    I had to send the council an email to ask why I haven’t received my new bus pass yet.

    Within a day, I got a telephone call from the council, informing me that yes they had the incorrect postal address and are now arranging to send me a replacement bus pass in a day or two.

    I will let you know when i get it!

  2. Shaun McGarry, Vice Chairman
    23rd April 2012 4:59 pm

    The new bus pass came today, only 3 days after their phone call! Thank you for the efficient service!

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