New TVonics Talking freeview and recorder that talks!

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Latest NewsFlash from RNIB about a new talking Freeview digi-box with built-in recorder.

TVonics Freeview+ HD recorder

The new TVonics Freeview+ HD recorder makes it easy for you to watch and record your favourite TV programmes and series by making
your TV talk.

This digital recorder has built-in speech software that announces on-screen information to help you navigate the TV menus and
programme guides. There’s also an easy-to-use remote control with raised buttons and a dedicated audio description button so that
you can turn audio description on and off with just one click.

It’s packed with great features including menus and guides that can be customised with a choice of six colour schemes, several voice
rates and more.

Find out more about the TVonics Freeview+ HD recorder at

You can buy it at the RNIB shop at

Making the most of your TV

You’ll be able to make the most of your TV with the TVonics talking Freeview+ HD recorder because you can watch and record TV
programmes with audio description, record two channels at the same time, pause and rewind live TV and listen to your favourite
digital radio station.

The TVonics talking Freeview+ HD recorder costs £179.95 plus £7.50 postage.

Find attached an example of the female voice describing a portion of the Electronic Programme Guide and the Menu on this TVonics

mp3 iconTVonics-Freeview-and-HD-Recorder-Audio-Sample.mp3


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