Issue 24 – The NEWS – July 2012

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Issue 24 The NEWS July 2012

Next Meeting is on Monday 23rd July 2012, at the Wherry Way Communal Room from 2pm to 4:30pm
Call Town & Country Travel Taxi for low cost transport on 01493 301 759

** The meeting is 1 week Early! 23rd July!**

Welcome to our July issue of our newsletter! There is lots of news to tell you about but first ..

Royal Garden Party

Great Yarmouth Groups at Royal Garden Party 2012

Great Yarmouth Groups at Royal Garden Party 2012

David and Wendy were very proud to represent our group at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Garden Party at Sandringham. They had a marvellous time with very nice weather and nice food too! The Queen came passed only yards away from David!


We had a successful and pleasant AGM last May and we are happy to report that David continues to be our chairman and Shaun and Wendy are still there as Vice chairman and Treasurer respectively. But we do welcome Judy Morrow as our new secretary to help us run the group. We also welcome Darren Hendry to our committee too! We also must give thanks to Judy Pritchard for taking our minutes, of both our public and committee meetings.

The talk from the fire brigade was very informative and we in turn passed on some valuable information about their procedures in visiting at VIP’s home as well as alternative formats of their leaflets etc.

DIAL is reaching Out!

You may have heard about DIAL is to offer specialised advice and assistance for any VIPs in the NNAB office on Hall Quay every Tuesday from 10am to 1pm. It will be a drop in service, offering advice and information but also appointments can be arranged to deal with more complex issues.
You can call their office on 01493 856 900 – 9am to 4pm.

To celebrate this excellent news, Jo Howes from DIAL will be our guest speaker at our July meeting. She will talk about the services DIAL offers here in Great Yarmouth and have been doing for over 25 years!


We have new leaflets! Two thousand of them! The NCoDP (Norfolk Coalition of disabled People) game us money last year to help us with our funds and one area was updating our publicity and have new leaflets designed and printed. We are now organising the distribution and a publicity reminder of our group and what we stand for.

Latest Booming News

There is a new MP3 loudspeaker player called Boom Box Plus! It has very clear and tactile buttons and it has a great new feature of remembering up to 4 separate memory sticks without losing your current listening point. Price £25. Call the NNAB for more info on 01493 745 973.

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to ring us if you have any questions, concerns you wish to report, new gadgets and ideas discovered or just to chat. Call us!

David Wilkinson (chairman) 07 99 0 99 88 45

Shaun McGarry (Vice Chair) 01493 60 22 72

Wendy George (Treasurer) 01493 745 973


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