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Andy Wells is the person to contact, if you need advice about safety in your home. He does visits to personal homes as well as
giving presentations to groups including a couple of videos of kitchen and Christmas tree fires! He demonstrates smoke alarms, one
of which is a special wireless version to connect to a vibrating modules for going under the pillow or to carry around with you
especially if you are hard of hearing too.

He gave us some large print leaflets and 6 braille version too! these are available from the NNAB Office in Yarmouth.

He can get more printed if required.

He also assured us that when he or any of his colleagues make a home visit, it will be by appointment only, never a cold call out of
the blue! You can request a password security to be added to the appointment so you can be doubly sure that it is a fire officer
standing outside your front door plus a very big Red Fire Engine on your street too! if you are lucky!

Andy’s contact details are as follows

Name: Andy Wells

Position: Crew Manager, Fire Safety

Office Telephone: 01493 339 901


Just phone for a Home Safety check! And have smoke alarms fitted for free if possible.


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  1. "Wells, Andy"
    20th July 2012 4:10 pm

    Please be aware that the Station telephone number to contact myself is Yarmouth 339901.

  2. Shaun McGarry, Vice Chairman
    20th July 2012 6:23 pm

    Thank You Andy! I have corrected the telephone number as shown above. This is the problem with written information and us blind people trying to read it!

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