New Talking DECT Cordless Phone (Powertel 710)

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RNIB Announces a new Talking cordless telephone ..

RNIB Newsflash | Introducing our talking cordless telephone

Confidently dial a number and hear the number announced back in a clear female English voice with the new Powertel 710 talking cordless telephone.

Some highlights of the Powertel 710:

• announces all incoming calls where name is in the phonebook by spelling out each letter such as “J.A.C.K”
• also announces all menu options and phonebook entries
• delivers clearer digital sound and is hearing-aid compatible
• loud sound option and automatic high frequency boost function
• high contrast back-lit LCD display
• sturdy base unit for ease of charging.

priced £83.32 excluding VAT
product code : DH350

Find out more about the Powertel 710 talking cordless telephone …

or phone their usual hotline on 03 03 123 99 99


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