A Pleasant Morning and Ron Wins Again!

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What can we say? It was a very pleasant and enjoyable morning out on top of the Cliffs, under the hot Sun!
Guess what? Ron wins this week .. again .. by snatching the final end, beating John by 1 point!

We had all of us there this week, playing our part in the Game but some of us proves to be much more on the ball .. oops! I mean on
the wood! So the final score was Ron with 4 points, John with 3 points, Charlie, Ella, Darren and Shaun all getting 2 points and
Tony with nothing!

Only 3 more sessions to go!

And Ron looks unbeatable now! He has won the most games (see the League Table at www.gyvipusergroup.org.uk/lawn-bowls/) and we can
only admire, growl, whistle or clap hands, depending on who you are!! Smile!


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