What A Party!

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What A Glorious Weather for our last week out on the Cliff Tops! We had our 7 bowlers out playing in the sun with only a touch of
breeze now and again.

Everyone scored today with Ella coming out top. She made 3 points, followed behind by the boys with John and Shaun gaining 2 points
and Charlie, Darren, Ron and Tony all getting 1 point.

Then we had a little party to celebrate the end of the season with savouries and cakes! And of course a cup of tea too!

We must congratulate Ron who was the most successful bowler this year, winning six and an half games, followed by John with two and
an half games under his belt. Then Ella with 2 games, followed by Shaun and Charlie winning 1 game each. Darren and Tony will try
harder next year!

This concludes our 18 weeks Summer Season, we lost 5 of those to bad weather, which is not too bad after all, but we were indeed
wondering if we will get any bowling, at the start in June!

This ends our 2012 outdoor fun!


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