Personal Independent Payments – Assessment Criteria Improved!

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The Government has published last Thursday (13th December 2012) the latest and possibly last version of the Assessment Criteria for the new Personal Independent Payments better known as PIP, which is replacing the old Daily Living Allowance (DLA) Benefit from next April 2013.
The Government have listened to all the comments, ideas and thoughts that were delivered to them by many campaigns like our own group’s campaign to inform our local MP, Brandon Lewis, joining alongside with the RNIB who masterminded a huge national campaign involving thousands of Visually Impaired people contacting their own MP and completing many surveys and questionnaires.

There are three major points to highlight which were changed in our favour :

• Blind persons using long white cane will now be recognised, alongside guide dogs users, needing that extra help in their mobility needs.

• As part of the communication needs, it is now recognised that if one cannot read the printed information then that will go towards the score in the Daily Living component.

• And finally the date for transferring the old DLA recipients over the new PIP benefit will now start much later from October 2015.

This is great news and it is nice to see that raising our voice to educate parliament does work, if we are persistence and we do it with calm but firm voices.

Thank you to all of you who took part in telling our MP and our Government our concerns.


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