Issue 27 — January 2013

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Issue 27 The NEWS January 2013

Next Meeting is on Monday 28th January 2013, at the Wherry Way Communal Room from 2pm to 4:30pm
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Hello everybody, A Happy New Year to you all and a warm welcome to Tracy Jary the new NNAB support worker. I am pleased to say that
Tracy has agreed to help us at our Meetings.
We all had a great time at our Christmas lunch and many thanks to all who helped and made it such a great success. A big thank you
to Wendy for all your help and support.

Richard Polley from the NNAB will be will be demonstrating some of the equipment that is available that can help with our daily
lives and our independence. For example magnifiers, liquid level indicators, talking scales, easy to use telephones and much more.

Penny from Yare Care Community Alarms will be showing us the alarm button and system that you could have in your homes to help you
feel safe and secure. We will be able to see and feel other pieces of assistive technology equipment that maybe useful for us.

We will be asking you all for suggestions for projects and ideas for speakers for the coming year.

Some of our Committee have agreed to watch for information that may help from various places. I will look for information from The
Borough Council, Shaun from RNIB and Judy from Norfolk County Council.

The local bus service will be diverted away from the Market Gates terminus for 2 weeks starting 21st January, due to the Gas mains
upgrades in Yarmouth. Please phone us for further details.

Current Projects

On going projects are, Saint George theatre, public transports, highways, street furniture and the NHS.

James Paget Hospital is now making eye clinic appointments on some Saturday mornings.
If you should need a wheelchair at JPH you will need a £1coin to use it.

Latest Campaign news

The RNIB has a Make Money Talk Campaign, with Barclays having now installed talking software on 75% of all their ATM machines. Shaun and I will visit the Bank and record the machine speaking, to play to you at our meeting.

The new PIP benefit replacing the old DLA will be delayed until 2015. Also people who are already receiving their pension will not have to worry.

Useful Numbers

Here are some useful telephone numbers to help you.

NHS non Emergency Number—— 111
Norfolk Police Non Emergency—– 101
Fire Service for home checks—- 01493 339901
NNAB —- 01493 745 973
DIAL – Seek financial and benefit advice —- 01493 856 900

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to ring us if you have any questions, concerns you wish to report, new gadgets and ideas discovered or just to chat. Call us!

David Wilkinson (chairman) 07 99 0 99 88 45
Shaun McGarry (Vice Chair) 01493 60 22 72
Wendy George (Treasurer) 01493 745 973


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