Issue 28 — The NEWS — March 2013

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Next Meeting is on Monday 25th March 2013, at the Wherry Way Communal Room from 2pm to 4:30pm
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Welcome to our Newsletter. I have some sad news. Our good friend Charlie Johnson has passed away. He will be sadly missed by us all. The funeral is on Thursday 28thMarch at 12:40pm at the Gorleston Crematorium. Please no flowers. Donations to the James Paget Hospital through Jary the funeral directors.

Our Meetings

Our guest speaker this month will be PC. David Slater from Norfolk Police. He will be talking about how the local community is policed. There will be questions about what you think should be the priority for local policing and what your perception of crime is. He is interested in hearing about any experiences you have had of crime or anti-social behaviour.

We would like to have an open discussion about hints and tips you have for making our daily lives easier. If you have any good ideas, feel free to share them. For example, where shopping is good and has good service, methods in dealing with callers and other aspect of our everyday life. Your good ideas could help others so please bring them along to our meetings.

The meeting in January was a great success, Richard Poley from NNAB demonstrated some equipment, including The Pen Friend and some electronic magnifiers. For more information please read our Minutes of the last meeting.

Shaun and I visited a Barclays Bank cash machine and recorded the new voice announcements system to help us to use the ATM. Full instructions and the recordings are available on our web site or contact us if you need a copy or further assistance.

Latest Updates

As many of you will know sensory support has gone through some changes in how they operate. Paul Bowerbank is very good at updating us. There will be a review in June and the committee will do our best to keep you informed.

Saint Georges Theatre is now open. I have asked to put the point of view of the Visually Impaired People to the planning officers in talks about the outside performance area.

RNIB are campaigning to improve the Assessment process for the ESA benefit. Another one is to highlight the NHS’s lack of accessible feedback forms to get your point across. And the RNIB also are raising concerns about the latest proposal of the Children and Family legislation.

Useful Numbers

NHS non-emergency Number—— 111
Norfolk Police non-emergency—– 101
Fire Service for home checks—- 01493 339901
NNAB —- 01493 745 973
DIAL – Seek financial and benefit advice —- 01493 856 900

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to ring us if you have any questions, concerns you wish to report, new gadgets and ideas discovered or just to chat. Call us!

David Wilkinson (chairman) 07 99 0 99 88 45
Shaun McGarry (Vice Chair) 01493 60 22 72
Wendy George (Treasurer) 01493 745 973


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