Issue 29 — The NEWS — May 2013

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Next Meeting is our AGM, on Monday 3rd June 2013, at the Wherry Way Communal Room from 2pm to 4:30pm
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Welcome to our AGM issue of our newsletter. It has been a busy year and we have some success stories like the buses, we reported on access improvements of cash machines, as well as having very interesting Speakers at our last five meetings.

We would like to continue our success and grow to be more inclusive in our community and help improve the lives of our fellow visually impaired neighbours, friends and family, here in Great Yarmouth and its surrounding district, down from Martham to Hopton and out to St. Olive and Burgh castle.

But we need your feedback to carry on with our success!

We are always open for any suggestions for speakers for our future meetings. You, our members, are the life spirit of our group and you bring along your ideas, concerns, so have you had these following thoughts:

  • I wonder Why?
  • Why don’t they do it like that?
  • How come?

These are all good questions and you may not be the only one asking them, so please bring your thoughts to the committee, and we might start a dialog, start something new and indeed may gain another success for our group! After all, Acorns will grow into Oak trees!
So come along and have your say.

St. George’s Theatre

For our second half of the meeting we have invited Tom from the new refurbished St. George’s Theatre. We will learn about the history of the building, the refurbishment, and the new outside performance area. We should also have news of future shows.
Some of us have been involved in access issues at the Theatre and it will be interesting to have an update on this too.


Introducing a new regular fun filled event at the Great Yarmouth NNAB Resource centre, for each Thursday morning from 10 to 12 noon. It is the Games club! All folks are very welcomed to come and play some large letters scrabble game, large format and braille cards and many other enjoyable games. Why don’t you join the club and have some little fun! Call Wendy at the Centre for more details.

Jeremy Goss, fundraiser for the NNAB, and 18 other brave people from Norfolk, did a bungee jump off the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland, from a height of 220 metres, that’s 722 feet in old money!
The thrill seekers raised well over £20,000 so congratulations to them all!

Looking forward to seeing you at our Meeting on Monday 3rd June

Contact Us

Please keep these numbers handy, so you can phone any of us to tell us your concerns, thoughts and smart tips that had helped you, then we can pass on the information to our meetings and to the rest of our members.

David Wilkinson (Chairman) 07 99 0 99 88 45
Shaun McGarry (Vice Chair) 01493 60 22 72
Wendy George (Treasurer) 01493 745 973


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