“St. John Ambulance and the world of First Aid” on Monday 29th July 2013

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Dear Members and friends,

Our next meeting is coming up on Monday 29th July from 2pm to 4:30pm.

We have invited the St. John Ambulance to come and talk to us about their world of medical are and first aid in particular, plus plenty of historical facts and figures about their service too!

It would be a great opportunity for you if you had thought that one day you might like to learn first aid and feel more confident. We will discuss with the volunteers in how the St. John Ambulance can cope with our visual impairment and what methods they would employ to allow us to learn and appreciate the tasks of delivering first aid to someone.

If you, with your visual impairment, have some experience with first aid then please come and tell us and our members how well you did or perhaps you have some ideas in improving the methods and materials during the learning process.

It is at our usual venue of the Wherry Way Communal Room, off Caister road, NR30 4DJ, and you can book your low-cost taxi transport (just £4) to take you from door to door with full guidance. Just ring Town and Country Travel on 01493 301 759 to book your ride!

All is very welcomed to come and enjoy the world of First Aid and St. John Ambulance!

Just phone us for further details to either David on 01493 842 156 or Shaun on 01493 60 22 72.

Take care and keep cool!

From Your committee
(David, Shaun, Judy, Darren and Wendy)


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