Siobhan is Sky Diving for Guide Dogs on Sunday 25th August 2013!

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Siobhan Meade is Sky Diving
from 13,000 feet
for Guide Dogs

She told me that she has wanted to jump out of a plane for years now but have only just felt confident enough to actually go ahead and organise it!
“Am I Mad or what?!” she smile!

she is really loving her dog Mac, her second dog (read her message on her page, in helping her in her daily life, always rushing off to all sorts of meetings, shops and leisure activities!

So she is doing her bit to help Guide Dogs raise much needed funds, to protect and keep this absolutely essential life line going, for many years to come, for many people as possible!

Someone said to her that being blind would be an advantage in doing something like this, but she simply said that the imagination is too powerful and she challenged anyone to do this yourself .. with your eyes shut .. and not scream! She laughs!

you can donate to Guide Dogs either by visiting her page where you can use your credit/debit/PayPal to send her a donation or you can just simply text a donation using your own mobile phones.

Her Just Giving web page is ..

Or simply ..

text to 70070
with SSKY94 £1

in the message. You can change the £1 to either £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. The ssky can be in lowercase or uppercase, it seems not to matter).

The jump is scheduled to take place on Sunday 25th August 2013, at the UK Parachuting, Beccles Heliport, Ellough, Suffolk, NR34 7TE

She has to do her training first thing in the morning and then, keeping fingers crossed, wait for the right weather conditions etc. before jumping in Tandem with an instructor .. out of a plane .. up to 13,000 feet! Phew!

She has ordered to have a DVD movie made of her day! so perhaps she may make copies of the DVD .. on request .. if the price is right! She hints!

We all wish her the very best of luck and admire her for her bravery, so give generously and reward her challenge at!

Go for it Siobhan!


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