Issue 30 — the NEWS — July 2013

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Next Meeting is on Monday 29th July 2013, at the Wherry Way Communal Room from 2pm to 4:30pm
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Welcome to our Summer issue of our newsletter. I hope that you are making good use of the lovely sunshine we are having at the moment!

Our guest speaker for our July meeting is Jackie Cole who is a volunteer with the St. John Ambulance service. We will learn some history of their organisation and discuss how we can learn first aid, ideas and possible adaptations to the course materials and procedures to work with our visual impairments.

We already know Jackie as she is the leader of St. Nicholas Bell Ringers. We enjoyed their music at our Christmas lunch last year – it was terrific!
I am pleased to announce that we have booked them again for our Christmas lunch this year.


Our AGM was well attended and I am happy to say all your committee were voted back on with the same posts as before. Thank you for voting. If there is any body that would be interested in joining us, please let us know, you would be very welcomed.

Tom Bailey, the Artistic Manager of St. George’s Theatre was our guest and it was very informative and hopefully some of us will be going to the Theatre soon. The new building, the café, bar and booking office, will be open on 26th July.
We will be getting some new programmes which will be available at the NNAB office.

Local News

Centre 81 is planning to move into new premises and would like ideas from us of what new features they could have to encourage more people to join.

Shaun attended a workshop called Street Works where the discussions was with ways road works can be made as safe as possible for us.

Siobhan is working with the RNIB and promoting their latest campaign to raise awareness to our local bus companies. It is a fortnight of publicity to focus our needs and indeed our praise and congratulations to the bus drivers and managers especially First Bus, whom we have an excellent relationship with.

Siobhan is also doing a Sky Dive tandem jump .. out of a plane from around 13,000 feet up! It is to help Guide Dogs raise funds! Visit her web page at to donate to her cause.


There is a Bishop’s Garden Party event being held at the Bishop’s own 4 acre garden on Sunday 28th July from 1pm to 5pm. It will have refreshments, games, music and demonstrations of visual aids. Please contact Diane Stewart at the NNAB on 01603 629 558 for more details.

Don’t forget that there is plenty of activities to do at the Yarmouth office, a weekly Game session on Thursday, every Friday is the Craft workshop with Reeds plus other materials, Coffee mornings every 3rd Friday and computer classes on Monday. John from DIAL is stationed every Tuesday morning for help in benefit related issues. Please telephone DIAL on 01493 856 900.

Contact Us

Please keep these numbers handy, so you can phone any of us to tell us your concerns, thoughts and smart tips that had helped you, then we can pass on the information to our meetings and to the rest of our members.

David Wilkinson (Chairman) 07 99 0 99 88 45
Shaun McGarry (Vice Chair) 01493 60 22 72
Wendy George (Treasurer) 01493 745 973


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