Special Bowls match with the Ladies!

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Today, 13th September 2013, the players of our Gorleston Blind and Partially Sighted bowling club, bravely fought against the “Professional” and fully Sighted Ladies bowlers!

There were 3 individual matches, each with 8 players in each, made up of 4 players in a team. We, the Visually Impaired bowlers could only muster 2 players in each team so we borrowed some sighted ones to make up numbers, like for example, Malcolm and Iris, Michael and Angela who have been helping us all Summer!

It was a great atmosphere with so many players out on the lovely green lawns!

The results were amazingly close at the end, with comebacks and a mixture of joy and disappointment from all of us! All the games’ scores all finished within 1 point but alas the final tally reveals that the Ladies won two out of the three matches!

We must thank everyone there for this Special day!


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