One of our main activity the group does, is to support many campaigns, either directly or indirectly, nationally or locally, issues concerning and affecting any or all blind and partially sighted people living here in Great Yarmouth.

We publicise the campaign to as many people and news media outlets as possible by writing letters and emails to attract further support and draw more attention to the various parties that is the focus of the campaign. We invite the principal players as our guest speakers to our meetings, to hear their views and be advised with our own opinions and concerns. On very rare occasion, we would organise a rally to get the highest attention to a critical issue.

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Parking On Pavements

Parking on Pavements campaign is here to raise awareness of the actions of people who park their cars, vans and larger vehicles on our public pavements. We need to have our pavements reasonably cleared of obstructions to allow us to safely make our journeys to shops, bus stops and many other everyday destinations.


Yellow Black Hazard Markings

This is a long running campaign, started way back in 2006, highlighting the difficulties of seeing temporary obstacles, for example scaffolding poles, when wrapped in red and white colours. For some reason, in the distance past, it was decided that this old colour combination was the best to show and warn people that one should [...]


Make Money Talk

The RNIB has been running this campaign for quite a while now, and most of the financial retail services have announced their commitment to upgrade most of their cash machines to provide a voice prompt and messages to help a blind person use an ATM. Here is a sample of what a cash machine will [...]


Sensory Support Unit Threatened Closure

The Norfolk County Council has decided to put our Sensory Support Unit on the list of services to cut in order to save money. The council is inviting the public to air their views on the “Norfolk Big Conversation” forum at the following link. You can send them an email using



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