Sensory Support Unit Threatened Closure

The Norfolk County Council has decided to put our Sensory Support Unit on the list of services to cut in order to save money. The council is inviting the public to air their views on the “Norfolk Big Conversation” forum at the following link. You can send them an email using this email or write a letter and send it to
Norfolk Big Conversation
Freepost YourNorfolk
Norfolk County Council
County Hall,
Martineau Lane,
or you can ring 0344 800 8020.

We feel very strongly that this move by the council is a big mistake and very unfair and uncaring to the blind and partially sighted people of Norfolk. We especially do not like the idea that the children services for supporting visually impaired children is also being considered for the chop. This is not very nice at all, right at the moment when the child needs all the support and encouragements they can get to make them feel more self-confident in facing their future.

When someone loses their vision, whatever level that is, it is a shocking and very disruptive time in their lives. So this is the critical time to provide support and rehabilitation to guide and encourage them to adjust to their new life being blind.

How can they do that if our highly trained specialists in the Sensory Support Unit will be no longer around to smooth the bumping ride towards a better frame of mind and have confidence to move forward and start enjoying life again!

Please write to your local councillor a letter or an email expressing your views and concerns, see Contact Details for full postal address of your councillor.

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  1. Verity Gibson
    12th November 2010 7:02 pm

    Shaun, I am very heartened by your campaign to save the Sensory Support Team. Norfolk County Council has invested 20 years in developing and improving these services. As its former manager I was devastated by the proposal to throw them away. Naturally the team is very upset and anxious about the future of your service and for their own futures.
    Thank you for your efforts on their behalf and for trying to keep the services for the visually impaired community.
    The more people who give their views to the Council the better.
    With best wishes
    Verity Gibson

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