Yellow Black Hazard Markings

This is a long running campaign, started way back in 2006, highlighting the difficulties of seeing temporary obstacles, for example scaffolding poles, when wrapped in red and white colours.

For some reason, in the distance past, it was decided that this old colour combination was the best to show and warn people that one should be careful when approaching and avoiding these areas in our public space.

But unfortunately, for many Partially Sighted users of our public highways, the old colours tends to merge and disappear into the background, especially on very bright days. The contrast between red and white is not very great even at night times.

So we are campaigning to change all hazard markings around and on scaffold poles to the much higher contrast colour pairing of Yellow and Black stripes.

yellow and black diagonal stripes

As you can see above, the yellow and black diagonal stripes is quite easy to see, even against the white background of this web page (and other colours too!).

We have been lobbying our local MP, the local authorities and national groups like the RNIB and Guide Dogs Association for the Blind.

yellow and black diagonal stripes

In 2011, we achieved success in our local county of Norfolk, the county council has agreed that this made sense and now have updated their terms of the licence to ensure that all scaffolding erected anywhere in Norfolk now must display the Yellow and Black colours.

This is good news!

But we would like to see the rest of the country adopting this safer and sensible change for all scaffolding, up and down the whole country.

We have also identified a gap in the licence and the law that other types of temporary barriers are not required to change to the new yellow and black colours and will continue to use the old out-of-date red and white colours. We are pressing our MP to consult with the HSE, the Health and Safety Executive, to see what can be done to change the national guidelines countrywide for all temporary structures and barriers.

yellow and black diagonal stripes

So we are asking you all to keep an eye out for any scaffolding which still uses the old red and white markings and report these incidents to us, with the name of the constructors, location and perhaps a picture (showing the name board) and we will pass them to the enforcement officer.

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