It is important to have enjoyment in one’s life, to relax and release the stress and strain of living with sight loss. We encourage everyone to take up some level of Leisure, at whatever level you can manage, and whatever kind of leisure, whether it is very sporty and active, a more gentle exercise or even sitting around a table discussing the merits of a book while weaving a basket!

This section demonstrates and advertise some of the leisure activities that are being performed in the Great Yarmouth district, with the latest news and events.

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Lawn Bowls

Here at the Gorleston Cliff Tops Lawn Bowling greens (two of them!) we have the Blind and Partially Sighted Bowling Club. It first started way back in 2000 by Ted Bowen and his wife Jean, with fantastic assistance from Malcolm and Irish King who has been helping us every year without fail! We have had [...]



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