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Here at the Gorleston Cliff Tops Lawn Bowling greens (two of them!) we have the Blind and Partially Sighted Bowling Club. It first started way back in 2000 by Ted Bowen and his wife Jean, with fantastic assistance from Malcolm and Irish King who has been helping us every year without fail! We have had a great circle of helpers like Edgar, Don, Len over the years and currently we have Michael helping Malcolm & Iris this year. We are very lucky indeed!

It is a regular weekly event for anyone who has any vision loss and wishes to have a little game of gentle bowls, can come up on Friday mornings from 10am to 12pm. It currently costs (May 2012) £2.50 per person per week. The club will try to find and lend a set of woods and a pair of shoes so anyone can come along to have a try and find out if they like it or not.

We try our best to provide lifts in our own cars but there is only so much we can do. Fortunately the number 8 bus travels every 15 minutes and stops on Marine Parade only 100 yards down the road south of the bowling greens. The Bus travels all the way from Caister, through Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and ends up in the James Paget Hospital. Anyone can now travel free before the 9:30am if you have a blind person’s bus pass and if you qualified, you can also take a companion with you for free too. See 24 hours Bus Passes for further information.

Summer 2013

Here is the current results of our players who have made it this year.

Name Played Wins Score
Ella 13 3 45
Shaun 13 3.5 36
John 13 2.5 34
Ron 13 2 34
Jeff 10 1.5 24
Tony 10 1.5 17
Darren 10 0 11
Stan 3 0 5
Ruth 3 0 0
Played 14 - -
Rained Off 1 - -
Specials 1 - -
Totals 16 - 206

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Last Updated: 20th September 2013


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