One of the main strength of our meetings is the Guest Speakers we invite. The speaker talks about their specialised knowledge of their fields of work, asking our members for advice and in turn answering any questions. This takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, it is so much nicer to discuss points of views and not shout!

We invite many different speakers from all sorts of places where our members feels that the speaker has a impact on the lives of the blind and partially sighted. For example we have had speakers from both local and national Highways agencies, NHS (Hospital and Pharmacy), local council departments (Housing) and local voluntary groups and charities as well as local businesses the like the bus transport, town centre partnership. We also from time to time invite some leisure related speakers for example self-defence, tandem cycling.

Future Speakers

We have currently booked the following speakers for future meetings as follows:

Previous Speakers

And the list below show who have come and talked at our meetings:

If you have ideas or suggestions for a speaker to come to one of our meetings, even if we had them before, then please leave your thoughts below in the feedback section. As always your input is very much appreciated.


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