Our Group is alive and kicking, made up of members who are visually impaired at some level and this section is here especially and just for you!

If you register and have a visual problem that might limit your daily activities like driving a car or bicycle, reading newspapers or watching television, then come and join us! Take part in the forum, help answer questionnaires with your thoughts and ideas, show us how you are coping with life with stories and knowledge of solutions and if you wish put up a picture or two of yourself, or maybe a audio / visual recording and write a little auto-biography.

The more we can show our fellow human beings with similar eye conditions the positives, even if it takes a little while to get there, then we are helping our community and showing that the world is not cut off from the blind and partially sighted people!

Sub Sections

David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson is a long running member of the group. He is visually impaired but he is very active in and around Great Yarmouth. Latest Postings


Shaun W McGarry

Shaun has been with the group since 2001. He is nearly black blind and is also deaf too. His eye sight has gradually been falling away and really considers himself blind since 2002 when it became too difficult to read printed materials of any size. Shaun went on a braille course provided by the NNAB [...]


Wendy George

Wendy George is a hard working and very supportive volunteer, working with the NNAB and helped our group for many years. She is a fully sighted person. Wendy can regularly be found at the NNAB’s Yarmouth Resource office on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday during their open hours, which is 10am to 1pm. Latest Postings



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