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The sub-Groups are special! They allow us to concentrate on issues that occurs frequently and more attention is dedicated in resolving them. These sub-Groups are not formal like committees so it’s not boring with things like agendas and minutes etc.! The sub-Groups uses the good old Telephone and eMails to pass the word around and sometimes meets a principal person at the centre of the issue to discuss our views and possible solutions. The transport costs for these meetings are paid out of the Group’s funds so we can be as effective as possible.

Below are our current sub-Groups with their latest information, results and plans. Any member is very welcomed to take part in some of these sub-Groups if you wish. Please bear in mind that some of them are very specifically targeted in the local district of Great Yarmouth and it’s villages, and might not benefit you.

Sub Sections


The Access sub-group is by far the most active! It deals with lots of issues where Access is being denied to us and quite often, should have been provided in the first place, without question! Some of the issues are



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